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Yaa Serwah’s Diary: More than We Can Bear?


Yaa Serwah’s Diary: More than We Can Bear?

Living with children can be hilarious especially when they keep asking for things that they cannot have. A little boy might ask for an airplane as his dad steps out of the house and his dad will have to return with either a toy plane or something that can substitute the airplane or a nice excuse to stop the tantrums that might result from the boy’s disappointment.

A little girl may be caught several times in her mum’s heels and clothes and sometimes with her own makeover with her mum’s make up products. Usually the reaction of the adults will vary. The mother could burst into uncontrollable laughter or the little girl might have to mess her make up with tears because of some merciless beating for tampering with expensive products (depending on which part of the globe you find this family). Either ways, the parents will not hand over to the children real airplanes or over-sized heels and clothes because at that stage they are obviously not in the position to own those.

I heard someone ask, “How can you ask for a car when you do not have a license and you do not know how to drive? How could you forget that if you got the car now it would be of no use till you got a license? Do you think God will give you something you cannot handle? At first, it was funny because those gathered there at the meeting laughed and someone shouted “it is faith” but then, this struck a chord in me. Is it possible that we may be asking God for things we are not prepared for? Promotions that we might not be able to give up family time for, relationships that might drain us in all aspects, breakthroughs that might cause us to forget those who matter…the list continues

                I realized that I have asked for things that were given to me years after and when I received them I knew God was just right on time. Sometimes we doubt if God really exists and if He does, we wonder why He seems to be turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to our situation. Normally, people will encourage us by saying “God will come through at the right time” which is totally true. But what have we asked for? Why have we ask for those particular things? Is it because we actually need them and not because some friend has them? We know our answers…

If indeed God was to give us exactly what we ask Him for, even in the songs we sing to Him, are we sure they might not be more than we can bear?…I give You my all, Search me, Use me as You wish, Change my heart, Send me and I will go when in actual sense we are not ready to move an inch from our comfort zones when others might be sacrificing everything they have to be who they are. Well, the next time we ask for something let’s take a few seconds off to think it through maybe we might end up laughing at ourselves for what we are asking for instead of being so worried that we received some other things.

Written by Yaa Serwah Antwi

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