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I wanted to become a newscaster-Gloria Sarfo


I wanted to become a newscaster-Gloria Sarfo

Ghanaian actress, Gloria Sarfo how her childhood dream of becoming a newscaster or a TV presenter changed to playing roles in movies. According to her, she has come to love acting.

According to her, growing up, she was so obsessed with news casting that she used to read news to her siblings for them to mark her but she had to change her path as she got older.

She made the revelation when she appeared on Yvonne Okoro’s “Dining With Cooks And Braggarts” TV Show last week.

Recounting some of her challenges as an actress, she revealed there was a time she had to let an actor rinse his mouth with mouthwash before they kissed as part of the movie.

Explaining how she managed to let the colleague do that, the TV3 Music Music presenter said she also rinsed her mouth with the wash in order to make the act comfortable.

Gloria Sarfo who was raised as a daughter of a soldier in Burma Camp. She shot to fame with her role as Nana Ama in the popular Efiewura TV series.


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