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Legon SRC Elections Goes to a Run-off, No Winner Yet

The University of Ghana Students Representative Council yesterday held their elections after a about a semester and half of rigorous campaigning and policy making.

The journey which started with 10 candidates ended up with only 7 on the day of elections. Rreports reaching suggests that two candidates dropped out while one was disqualified.

The results available to us has Emmanuel Amofa in the lead with Esinam Afi Seade and Allen Asare following respectively. We must say that, this is probably one of the years in the history of the University where a female has become such a competition. Some students are stipulating that the female might take the lead while others are of the view that the male will be the next SRC president.

Below is the provisional results from the SRC Electoral Commission
All polling stations

Esinam – 1960 (29.46%)
Gilbert – 125 (1.88%)
Amofa – 2051 (30.83%)
Allen – 1781 (26.77%)
Wissi – 203 (3.05%)
Ken Richie – 255 (3.83%)
Shadrach – 278 (4.18%)

Aboraa Sika – 3679 (55.94%)
Barbara Zen – 2898 (44.06%)

FBI Prince – 3397 (52.89%)
Adu-Acquah – 3026 (47.11%



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