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Love goes with money not just words-Mensa Otabil

Husbands must not just use words to express their love for their wives, but demonstrate that by honouring them with their money, Pastor Mensa Otabil has advised, adding that wives can do same for their husbands. Teaching his congregation about giving in the church, the founder of the International Central …

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5 Steps to Building Muscles Fast

Rather than focusing strictly on gaining “X” pounds of muscle—which may or may not be doable in a given period of time—work on getting stronger. Increasing strength improves your body’s ability to recruit muscle fibers, particularly the ones that make the biggest difference in the way your physique looks. 1.SET …

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How to Cut the Duration Of Your Cold By 3 Days

Suck on this to stop sniffling sooner: Zinc lozenges may shorten the duration of the common cold, a recent meta-analysis from Finland concluded. The researchers determined that taking 80 to 92 milligrams of zinc a day—say, 7 Cold-Eeze lozenges—cut the length of the average 7-day cold by 3 full days. …

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Burn Fat Naturally in Just 2 Weeks

Research has proven that people who have stored too much fat in them are prone to all kinds of sicknesses such as heart failure, heart enlargement, infertility, hernia, erectile dysfunction, menstrual disorders and others. Even aside from sicknesses, most people can’t enjoy their own lifestyle such as fit into nice …

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Why Fashion Matters

A chorus of camera shutters clicks over a throbbing bass as models emerge onto the runway in single file. Clad in black leather and lace, they confidently maneuver the catwalk despite the veils over their faces and the towering stiletto heels on their feet. A woman in the front row …

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