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“Battle Zone” – The new twist to rap battle in Africa

If you are a freelance rapper, beatmaker or musician, then get ready for something new. Something new that will probably turn your underground entertainment into a career. This id Battle Zone.

Battle Zone is an initiative of ‘The Crash Entertainment’ (TCE) Network. The same entertainment organization in charge of Campus Crash TV (a campus entertainment TV show), and qDesigns.

Battle Zone is an initiative which is projected to create a distinctive category in the music industry where ‘rappers’ will not only be recognised as musicians but also as professional battle emcees.

Battle zone is a strict hip-hop project which focuses on hardcore rap; ranging from a ccapella to freestyle rap, Djing, live performance from popular hiphop artists, beat-boxing and breakdance.

The project is scheduled to run on seasons with each season corresponding to a headline theme with the first season dubbed Battle Zone ‘GENESYS’.

Battle Zone’s mission is create a new trend and project african hip-hop in the music industry to breed extraordinary talents and its vision is to connect the african continent with a singular trend of music style where emcees will co-exist to share a common priority.

So, get your groove on and follow these steps to be a part of this.
Send a 30 seconds video of an accepalla freestlye rap with your showbiz name to the whatsapp number *0241926294* and be part of the new rap league.

Stand the chance of being the BATTLE ZONE CHAMPION plus other record deals, magazine features, radio and tv appearance and free music video drops, booked shows etc.

Battle Zone; Redefining hip-hop in Africa……..
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