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80 Boko Haram members surrender to Nigerian Troops

The Nigerian Army onslaught against Boko-Haram, is yielding tremendous results. The Army Head-Quarters, in a Tweet, said about 80 Boko-Haram members surrendered to troops, in Bama. This is coming on the heels of the Army’s discovery of the sect’s second fuel dump. will continue to follow this issue and …

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5 Most Talked About Ghanaian Celebrities in July

Most Talked About Ghanaian Celebrities In July In Ghana, we have many celebrities but some command great crowds while others are just appreciated for what they do. No time to mention names, these celebrities are rich, have expensive cars and houses, the clothes they put on for special occasions are …

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Mate Selection; our heart, our genitals, or our brains

Clearly we humans have some major problems selecting a mate. For one thing, since about 1800 (before that many marriages were arranged) romantic love has been idolized more and more. We expect to “fall in love:” our hearts should instantly throb, our thoughts constantly dwell on the lover, and our …

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